Drudge Calls Out TNR on Beauchamp, Takes It Back Hours Later

Until about ten minutes ago, Matt Drudge was reporting that he had obtained a damning internal document from The New Republic proving that “Baghdad diarist” Scott Beauchamp, who was accused of fabricating portions of war reports he published in the magazine over the summer, had refused to stand behind his stories when top editors questioned him over the phone on August 7th. The article, titled “SHOCK DOCS: THE NEW REPUBLIC ‘SHOCK TROOPS’ STORY COLLAPSES” was highlighted in red and placed prominently in the upper left hand corner of the site.

Now, the link is gone—no explanation is given for why—though you can still read the story if you click here.

Franklin Foer, the magazine’s top editor, could not be reached for comment as he is in all-day meetings with executives from TNR‘s parent company, CanWest.