Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Clinton, Sam Man

Hillary Clinton‘s already good week just got better with a new Quinnipiac poll showing she is up 11 points over Rudy Giuliani in New York.

There is more on the lawsuit against Bloomberg, L.P. here and here.

New York City has a foreclosure problem.

In the comments section, Sam Man reminds us the Hillary has less money for the primary than Barack Obama.

Liz has the backstory on the teachers’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton today.

Wayne Barrett looks at the weird alliance between Joe Bruno and Andrew Cuomo.

Ben follows the story of a fake interview with Hillary Clinton that appeared in an Israeli newspaper.

On the Guardian’s blog, Sasha Abramsky says of an address at a recent Hillary event, “It was a perfectly competent speech, but it wasn’t exactly inspiring.”

Eliot Spitzer is fund-raising in Texas today.

Yoda thinks the best spokesman for Spitzer’s driver’s license initiative is Bill Hammond.

The fate of New York’s current system of nominating judges looks bleak.

The Staten Island district attorney takes a swipe at his predecessor for getting involved in the current DA’s race out there.

Say goodbye to another Republican Senator.

The Democratic presidential candidate spending the most amount of money on ads is Bill Richardson.

And pictured above is Michael Bloomberg, shopping for a good cause.

Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Clinton, Sam Man