Elsewhere: Quinn, Spitzer, Torre

The 7 train is up and running after being knocked out earlier today.

The city lost a Supreme Court case today relating to special eduation.

Eliot Spitzer and Joe Bruno’s appearance together yesterday made Photo of the Day on Political Wire.

Not because it made anyone look good.

Spitzer unveiled a plan to revitalize the upstate economy.

Some members of the state’s new commission on public integrity recused themselves from hearing certain cases during the group’s first major meeting.

Christine Quinn’s fiscal proposals get some attention from Crain’s.

Liz notices a shift on Quinn’s position on term limits.

NY1 notes the breakfast where the remarks were made are “an essential political stop.”

Jonathan Hicks says the event may be a kick-off to the 2009 mayoral campaign.

In the comments section, so and so wonders what Jimmy Vacca will run for in 2009.

Tom Robbins looks at the legislation Melinda Katz authored that helped one of her most generous contributors.

Barack Obama makes some direct criticisms of Hillary in an interview with the AP.

Tom Wrobleski is wondering when New Hampshire will start the 2008 party.

Ninety Democratic congress members signed a letter pledging to no longer fund the Iraq War.

In New Jersey, the mayor of Orange was indicted on bribery charges.

Grace Rauh has fun thinking about Joe Torre as mayor.

Ann Coulter found a Democrat she likes.

And pictured above at a City Hall press conference this afternoon are two of the school safety agents who arrested a Manhattan student and her principal.

Elsewhere: Quinn, Spitzer, Torre