Elsewhere: Spitzer, Gotbaum, D’Amato

On the death of Betsy Gotbaum’s daughter-in-law, Diane Ravitch wrote, “A beautiful young woman is dead. Three small children have lost their mother. But the police followed proper procedures.”

Doug MacEachern defends Arizona officials and tells the New York media to ask “tough questions” of other people, like the victim‘s family: “If the Gotbaum family thought it so important to supervise Carol during her two-hour layover, then why did they not feel it important to send a companion along on the flight?”

Joe Gandelman of Moderate Voice sees a flaw in the road map for a Michael Bloomberg presidency: “So far in the 2008 race rumblings about the need for a third party are coming from the religious right”.

Sewell Chan reads Bloomberg‘s biography and notes the guy who founded the company now being sued for discriminating against pregnant women once wrote, “Having a business career and raising a family create inherent conflicts.”

In Fred Thompson’s debate prep, the role of Rudy Giuliani is being played by Al D’Amato.

The real Giuliani is making plans to speak to more hostile audiences later this month.

Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo do an unconvincing job of pretending to be friends.

There’s someone trying to imitate Spitzer in Ohio.

In the comments section, What’s So is glad Democrats are on the attack against Joe Bruno.

In New Jersey, they’re talking about how to slow down state Senator Tom Kean, Jr.

And pictured above is City Councilman Tony Avella, who is campaigning for mayor tomorrow.

Elsewhere: Spitzer, Gotbaum, D’Amato