Generous De Generes Cries for Confiscated Canine

It doesn’t quite match up to the horror of last month’s YouTube phenomenon created by that Britney Spears fanatic, but today’s Ellen DeGeneres Show features the beloved host weeping–actual tears!–over Iggy, a dog she rescued from a shelter last month. Instead of letting Iggy shack up chez Ellen, Ms. DeGeneres decided to give the maligned canine to her hairdresser, who has two children in desperate need of a puppy to call their own.

But…in a cruel twist of fate, the shelter rang up the daytime-TV-dancing-queen to check on the dog. Learning that it now resided with her coiffeur, the protective shelter demanded Iggy’s immediate return.

A clip of the heart-wrenching sob-sequence can be found by clicking on the link below.

Ellen Sobs For The Return Of Confiscated Pet [Huffington Post]