Gore’s New York Petitioners

The hardy group of New Yorkers trying to draft Mike Bloomberg for president has some company in the category of local activists for non-candidates.

There’s a New York for Al Gore group getting ready to collect petition signatures to get the former vice president on the ballot for New York‘s Democratic primary on February 5.

The chairman of that petition drive, Bud Plautz, sent out an email to supporters that a reader (thank you) passed on to me in which he makes the appeal for help.

From the email: “There seems to be a lot of so-called “petitioning” to get Al Gore to run for president. That’s all fine and well. But the petitions referred to on these sites don’t seem to have anything to do with actually putting Al Gore on the Feb. 5th through filing petitions with the NYS Board of Elections.”

In an interview, Plautz told me that “Al Gore for sure can win in November of 2008. Indeed, he’s already won. He won in 2000. And then also, on the substantive issues, and I would refer you to his San Francisco speech in September of 2002 for the Iraq war. He predicted everything and what a mistake it is.”

He explained that his group had resolved to proceed with the draft effort after a lunch meeting on the Upper East Side.

“We had a formal meeting at Sharz Restaurant on East 86th Street in late September,“ Plautz recounted. “The owner of the restaurant gave us a discount on lunch. I think I had one beer.”

His full email is after the jump.

Gore’s New York Petitioners