Harrison Prepares for Fossella and Maybe a Primary

There may be something of a fight to see which Democrat takes on Representative Vito Fossella, the city’s only Republican congressman, in next year’s elections.

Steve Harrison, a local lawyer who got no support from the Democratic establishment during his unsuccessful bid against Fossella in 2006, just announced that he raised $45,000 in two weeks. The breakdown, according to Harrison’s people, is as follows: about $35,000 raised, with “approximately $6000 in firm pledges” and $4,500 left over from his failed 2006 race against Fossella.

But if there’s ever going to be a rematch, Harrison may first have to spend everything he has to try to knock off the unofficial candidate of choice among local Democratic officials: City Councilman Domenic Recchia. Brooklyn Democratic County Leader Vito Lopez told me he thought Recchia would make a great candidate, and the Staten Island Advance is basically covering Recchia like he’s an official candidate.

So this should be fun.