Hey, Hey We’re the Manqués!


Eliot Spitzer is Eliot Ness manqué

Andrew Cuomo is Eliot Spitzer manqué

Andrew Cuomo is Mario Cuomo manqué

Anthony Weiner is Chuck Schumer manqué

Hillary Clinton is Bill Clinton manquée

John Edwards is Bobby Kennedy manqué

Jon Corzine is Mike Bloomberg manqué

Mitt Romney is Ronald Reagan manqué

Judith Nathan is Cheri Oteri manquée


Michael Shvo is Donald Trump manqué

Fort Greene is Harlem manqué

Harlem is Fort Greene manqué

Pam Liebman is Barbara Corcoran manquée

Times Tower is Condé Nast Tower manqué

The Financial District is Tribeca manqué

Ditmas Park is Park Slope manqué

The Bloomberg Administration is Robert Moses manqué

‘Central Park North’ is Central Park South manqué


Andy Samberg is Adam Sandler manqué

Angelina Jolie is Audrey Hepburn manquée

Cameron Crowe is Billy Wilder manqué

Cashmere Mafia is Lipstick Jungle manqué

Emile Hirsch is Leonardo DiCaprio manqué

George Clooney is Clark Gable manqué

Greg Kinnear is Jack Lemmon manqué

Harvey Weinstein is Joseph E. Levine manqué

Jake Paltrow is Bruce Paltrow manqué

Kid Nation is Lord of the Flies manqué

Kristin Chenoweth is Madeline Kahn manquée

Lost is Myst manqué

Pushing Daisies is Six Feet Under manqué

Russell Crowe is Mel Gibson manqué

Sex and the City (movie) is Sex and the City (TV series) manqué

Will Ferrell is Steve Martin manqué

Tina Fey is Jerry Seinfeld manquée

Tom Cruise is Montgomery Clift manqué

Wes Anderson is Sister Parrish manqué

Sarah Silverman is Lily Tomlin manquée

Gina Gershon is Ellen Barkin manquée

Kate Bosworth is Michelle Pfeiffer manquée

Kate Hudson is Goldie Hawn manquée

Gossip Girl is Sweet Valley High manqué

Wes Anderson is Peter Bogdanovich manqué


Anne Burrell is Mario Batali manquée

Tom Colicchio is Danny Meyer manqué

Danny Meyer is George Lange manqué

Starbucks is Chock full o’Nuts manqué

Whole Foods is Fairway manqué

Waverly Inn is Elaine’s manqué

Hill Country is Blue Smoke manqué

Pamplona is Urena manqué


Adam Gopnik is E.B. White manqué

Christopher Hitchens is H.L. Mencken manqué

Atoosa Rubenstein is Jane Pratt manquée

Chuck Klosterman is Lester Bangs manqué

George Saunders is Kurt Vonnegut manqué

Orhan Pamuk is Salman Rushdie manqué

Jonathan Ferris is Jonathan Lethem manqué

A Public Space is Paris Review manqué

Hearst is Condé Nast manqué

Maer Roshan is Tina Brown manqué

Malcolm Gladwell is Marshall McLuhan manqué

The New York Observer is The New York Post manqué

The New Yorker is The New Yorker manqué

Brian Williams is Tom Brokaw manqué

David Gregory is Sam Donaldson manqué



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