Hillary Puts Reiner To Work

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is e-mailing its supporters a new web video featuring Hollywood director and Democratic activist Rob Reiner.

The video is sent in a letter (text after the jump) from Reiner, who recently announced his support for the campaign, and is intended to recruit volunteers. In it, Reiner plays an overbearing director, telling them how better to knock on doors or pitch potential contributors on the telephone, and instructing them to contemplate what their “motivation” is.

The clip ends with a mantra: “Make noise. Make signs. Make history.”

Here’s the letter:

When I received Hillary’s email asking for volunteers, I did what any other Hollywood director would do. Made a movie.

Starring myself and a great supporting cast of Hillary volunteers from all over town.

You can see it right here:

Hey, I wasn’t the only one who answered Hillary’s call. We’ve received an overwhelming response, with supporters from across the country pledging over 300,000 volunteer hours. And that was just three hours after Hillary’s email went out! We hit 500,000 volunteer hours later that day.

So now there’s a new goal. Ready? One million volunteer hours.

So if you’re really committed to changing things in this country, spend one, two, or however many hours you can spare each week to help make it happen. The time you spend talking to other people about Hillary will be decisive on Election Day.

There’s no better time to start than now:

But first watch my movie. Then sign up to volunteer. And who knows — you may even laugh a little along the way.

After all, volunteering isn’t just important. It’s fun.

Rob Reiner

Hillary Puts Reiner To Work