GOOD Party Ain’t That Great … You Know Things Are Bad When You’re Wishing for Wild Man Al Gore

“I know like five of these people, maybe,” said Zach Frechette, 25, editor-in-chief of GOOD magazine (“for people who give a damn”), at his magazine’s one-year anniversary party on Saturday, Sept. 29, ambitiously staged at the National Museum of the American Indian at Bowling Green. Mr. Frechette surveyed the “VIP room.” the museum’s library. “I feel really cool right now,” he said. This despite the fact that the room contained no actual VIPS.

Al Gore was at our first party , and that was certainly an ‘oh, shit’ moment,” Mr. Frechette said. “The guys from Google were there, too.” Mr. Gore, it turned out, was a high-maintenance guest: “We were getting yelled at all night by the fire marshal. His Secret Service people were blocking the stairwell.”

Tonight, however, the sole start wattage came from Dhani HarrisonGeorge Harrison’s son. He looked “scraggly, like a mini-George Harrison,” remarked a fellow partygoer. Around 1 a.m., tirelessly stylish do-gooding couple David Lauren (son of Ralph) and Lauren Bush (niece of George) showed up. (A Ralph Lauren Rugby advertisement blares from the back cover of the latest GOOD.)

Publishing scion Ben Goldhirsh, 27, who fronted the $2.5 million to start the magazine, said that the editorial board recently opened a satellite office on Hudson and Vandam, and is now experiencing brain drain from GOOD’s L.A. headquarters. “Now that the doors are open, there’s like a flow,” he said. “And all of a sudden everyone’s like, ‘Fuck it, let’s go to New York!’ There’s a lot of reasons to be in New York, but I have a dog. And she likes L.A. I don’t know, I’m very confused about this question.”