Guardian America Staffs Up But Postpones Launch

The Guardian’s new Web site for American readers was supposed to be online by the end of last month, but according to Michael Tomasky, who has been heading the project since March, the launch has been postponed until the third week of October because several staff members have had family emergencies to attend to back in London.

The site, registered at, will run stories from The Guardian’s British print edition that are likely to interest readers in the United States, as well as original content produced by Mr. Tomasky’s staff in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Tomasky recently made three new hires: As Fishbowl DC has reported, Elana Schor and Megan Mulligan are both coming over from The Hill. And Mr. Tomasky told The Observer today that he has also hired Daniel Nasaw of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Ms. Schor and Mr. Nasaw will report on Congress and the presidential race, respectively, while Ms. Mulligan will serve as a senior editor.