Julian Schnabel’s Pink Palazzo Snags Richard Gere

When The Post reported earlier this week that Richard Gere wanted to buy into Julian Schnabel’s glorious new Palazzo Chupi in the far West Village, they said the Buddhist thespian needed to sell his Sullivan Street townhouse before he could afford a new place with Schnabel.

But as we pointed out Wednesday, Mr. Gere actually sold his Sullivan townhouse ages ago–and for a record price. So naturally news comes today, from the Wall Street Journal, that the actor has gone and bought a sprawl at Chupi (which Mr. Schnabel oddly insists is not pink but red.)

Sadly, no Gere purchase price is given.

Is he somehow a more appropriate buyer than the banker William J.B. Brady? When The Observer reported that Mr. Brady had paid $15.5 million for the first Chupi apartment, Curbed pointed out that Mr. Schnabel’s building “was supposed to be the rebirth of the salon–an exclusive enclave of the most talented and creative (and wealthy) minds around.”