Lindsay’s Father

Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s pop, talked to the Transom’s own Spencer Morgan at length about his troubled relationship with his daughter Lindsay and his also-rocky relationship with God.

He’s still trying to patch things up with his family via the press: Mr. Lohan reportedly said yesterday that he wants “reconciliation and redemption—across the board … Just all of us getting right with God.” He went on to tell the AP that he blames himself for Lindsay’s recent troubles, which is new. (Both father and daughter have recently undergone rehabilitation for drugs and alcohol.)

“I made a commitment when I was in there to God and to myself that, when I got out, I was going to do God’s work, and I was going to share with other people what I’ve been through and how God changed my life,” LiLo’s pious pa apparently said.

Lindsay’s Father Hopes for ‘Redemption’ [LA Times]