Lycée Students Say: Au Revoir, Mon Maddox! It’s Shortest Semester Ever for Movie-Star Spawn

On Thursday, Oct. 11, after six weeks of class, Maddox Pitt-Jolie had his last day at the Lycée Français on 75th Street. The mohawked 6-year-old was photographed leaving the school in his gym-class uniform alongside his movie-star mother, Angelina Jolie, who held under her arm a large booklet that his fellow kindergarteners had given him as a parting gift. In pretty cursive it read “Bye Maddox, Souvenir de Lycee Francais.”

“Each student was asked to draw a picture of their favorite memory with Maddox,” said the Transom’s exclusive Frog source, whose little brother is in the class. “My brother drew a picture of them playing soccer.”

Anything else? Maddox did not cry on his last day, reported le petit.

Would he be missed? “Yeah, sure.”

Did all the girls cry their eyes out about him leaving?

“Ha-ha-ha,” came the response. His big sister explained that at this age the girls and boys don’t really care about each other.

Did Maddox start a mohawk trend among his classmates? The young man, currently sporting a messy, long “Frenchie” look, wisely chose to ignore this question.

Big sister has a number of friends who live on the same block as the $18,900-a-year school. “Everyone says they’re going to miss Brangelina and the paparazzi,” she said. But plenty of Lycée parents are relieved about the power couple’s departure to Los Angeles, where Ms. Jolie is about to begin filming Clint Eastwood’s The Changeling. “I’ve heard other parents saying, ‘We’re glad they’re gone.’” one said. “You know, there was a certain safety issue that came with having him there.”