Malibu Is Up in Smoke—About Britney’s Paparazzi Problem! Ejected From Abode, Mel Gibson’s Wife Grouses

The horror of having to evacuate homes during Malibu’s biggest wildfire in recent history is not being helped by fallen pop star Britney Spears’ recent custody troubles.

“Basically, all the paparazzi are still out there trying to get their Britney shot,” said one resident of the beachy burg. “They don’t even care much about the burning houses.”

He said there are five to ten lensmen around the clock. “It’s insane. Just as bad as it was before, only now there are burning trees.”

Indeed, gripes about Britney have been permeating Malibu like so much ash, said the source, who overheard Mel Gibson’s wife, Robyn, venting to a fellow local. “She was like, ‘It’s so annoying that people are more concerned about if Britney Spears’s house was burnt’”—so far, it’s escaped any damage—“‘than their own well-being.’” Mad Max’s wife, who was forced to evacuate along with the couple’s twin boys, went on to say that the situation said horrible things about “people’s priorities.”

“Basically,” said the source, “Britney needs to get the fuck out of Malibu.”