A music video that brings the soul back to rock and roll

There’s a special sort of thrill about witnessing a musician nailing a live performance that YouTube and recordings can’t always convey. But in the new music video for Mark Ronson’s cover of “Valerie” (a 2006 song by the UK band the Zutons), Ronson and director Robert Hales come pretty darn close to reproducing the raw energy and just plain fun of a showstopping performance.

Shot like bootlegged concert footage, the video has an immediacy that still feels meticulous and professional. The real star is the big, vibrant, brassy, and distinctively powerful voice of the 24-year-old Brit Amy Winehouse, who provided the vocals for “Valerie.” Winehouse herself is absent from the show, and the video has five girls from the audience (“The Winettes”) make their way onstage to fill in different verses — but when they open their mouths, the voice that comes out is all Winehouse’s. It’s the fulfillment of every music fan’s fantasy: to climb up onstage in the middle of a show and belt it out.

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A music video that brings the soul back to rock and roll