Massive 770 Park Duplex Loses Dem Fund-Raiser, Gains A Romney Fan

Democratic fundraising powerhouse Connie Milstein has a few more dollars lying around to donate to her favorite candidates. Her 5,000-square-foot, 15-room duplex at 770 Park Avenue on the 16th and 17th floors has sold for $20 million, city records show, which was exactly her asking price.

The buyers are moneyman Robert Niehaus and his wife Kate, who together endowed Princeton’s new globalization research center this year.

Only three years ago, the Post called 770 Park “the biggest Democratic presidential money pit in the city.” But Ms. Milstein is gone, and she’s been replaced by a guy who contributed $2,000 to President Bush’s last campaign. And he’s already given $2,100 each to Mitt Romney and John McCain. (On the other hand, the Niehauses have both donated money to John Edwards).

But those donations may be harder to keep up now that the couple has to pay a $9,915 monthly maintenance fee for their two-tier, five-bedroom Park Avenue apartment.