Monday: Rachel Zoe, Steve Guttenberg, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Rachel Zoe may not be so influential after all. The celebrity celebrity-stylist was reportedly dropped by Magnet, her longtime agency, because the firm didn’t want to ruffle the Vogue editor’s feathers. [Page Six]

Three Whips and a Memoir? Brooklyn native Steve Guttenberg has a story to tell about his early years in Hollywood and it involves, as all good tales do, a late-night S&M romp between the actor and an older woman. [Gatecrasher]

High school students in Bronxville, like Winthrop Pearce Rutherford, really want to get into good colleges! [Times Magazine]

‘“Ahmadinejad-‘mania’” comes to Columbia, but the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha just want to invite the Iranian president over for a cold one. [New Yorker]