Musto Lets Loose! Tells of the Night Tinsley Tried to Queer-Block Him!

Does Tinsley Mortimer have a beef with the gays? According to bespectacled Village Voice columnist Michael Musto, the golden-tressed socialite pushed his button—the wrong one—backstage at the People’s Choice Awards last winter.

“[Mr. McMullan] has lots of pictures of Tinsley Mortimer, who once spoke to me rather rudely, I thought,” Mr. Musto said during a sweaty party celebrating super-paparazzo Patrick McMullan’s new coffee-table book, Glamour Girls, at the Whitney Museum on Thursday, Sept. 27. “We were co-presenting an award at something and she told me, ‘You better not queer me! You better not go off the script!’ … I’m the wrong person to say not to queer!” (Ms. Mortimer refused a chance to comment on the incident.)

Despite the apparent snub, Mr. Musto was still willing to offer Ms. Mortimer a few tips on the fame game. “I think she should relax,” he said. “I think she’s putting a little too much pressure on her position, which I think is doggie-style. She always seems so concerned about her image. If you look on, she never smiles. Not that I spend hours and hours looking at pictures of her online; I’m more interested in chicks with dicks.”

Such “oh, snap” moments aside, Unruly Heir publicist Kristian Laliberte found the event—also attended by homemaking entrepeneur Martha Stewart and designer Vera Wang—a fitting tribute to someone he called “a very dear friend of mine.” Mr. Laliberte said he first met Mr. McMullan at the former man’s first benefit. “He took my picture and I ended up talking to him. He was really sweet! He was like, ‘Don’t take this too seriously, just have fun. Go out with your friends. Don’t let the scene become you.’”

And has Mr. Laliberte followed Mr. McMullan’s sound advice?

“I think I got sucked up by it, a little bit,” he said. “It felt like high school for a little bit, and then you grow and you realize that it’s so … It’s not real.”

Musto Lets Loose! Tells of the Night Tinsley Tried to Queer-Block Him!