New Yorkers Flee High Taxes

To the Editor:

Re “Census Shows Middle Class in Flight From New York” [Sept. 24]:

While it might be easy to blame the flight of middle-class New Yorkers from the city on the high cost of housing—because, as The Observer points out, many homeowners and renters pay 35 percent or more of their incomes on housing costs—it might be equally justifiable to blame the high tax rates imposed on New Yorkers.

In fact, many middle- and upper-class New Yorkers who earn a salary pay 40 percent or more of their income in federal, state and local taxes—not to mention Medicare and Social Security.

As long as New Yorkers keep electing tax-loving Democrats to city and state offices, population loss of all demographics will continue in New York.

Jon Medwick

New Yorkers Flee High Taxes