O’Donnell: Protect Same-Sex Marriage Supporters

One of the more interesting moments from last night’s Empire State Pride Agenda’s fund-raiser: Assemblyman Danny O’Donnell telling attendees that they have to protect lawmakers who voted for his bill to legalize same-sex marriage because if any of them lose, for whatever reason, it’ll be tied to this vote.

Also noteworthy was state Senator Malcolm Smith’s speech. Last year, he waffled briefly on whether to support gay marriage. Last night, he said he threw away his speech, “because how I feel about the issue in my heart and how I feel about the LGBT community, there is no reason for anybody to write anything for me.”

And I can’t pass on noting Smith’s opening remarks acknowledging to other attendees: “Tell me, don’t we have a gorgeous and eloquent First Lady for the state of New York? Congressman Weiner, don’t be jealous now. I’m talking about Silda.”