Paper in Bloomberg Enclave Attacks Bloomberg

bloomberg cover Paper in Bloomberg Enclave Attacks BloombergMichael Bloomberg gets some harsh treatment today in the Riverdale Review, a local paper (not online) serving that Manhattan-esque enclave in the Bronx.

The neighborhood, it’s worth recalling, was one in which Bloomberg beat Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer by more than 2:1 in the 2005 mayor’s race (81st Assembly District).

Andy Wolf, the editor of the paper there (who also writes a column for the New York Sun) slams Bloomberg for, among other things, “fair school funding.”

“Children in our community will bring hardly more than half the funding to our schools that children in “deprived” communities bring to theirs. There is not a single justification for a funding gap so wide. Poor children always got more for their school, under federal Title I funding. But the gap was reasonable.


"But the Bloomberg funding plan will so starve our three local public schools so much that no parent would subject their child to them – or move to our community.


"He is a disaster for our community, and we can only turn to the famous “countdown clock” in City Hall waiting for his exit and perhaps some relief from a new mayor who understands our needs and aspirations."

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