Perkins Expresses “Concern” Over Delay of Obama Bill

State Senator Bill Perkins is picking up the issue on whether the City Council is delaying a public hearing on a local bill because it voices support for legislation authored by Hillary Clinton’s rival, Barack Obama.

Perkins, an Obama supporter, wrote a letter to Quinn saying:

“I am pleased that the City Council had planned to take up this issue, although I am concerned by the recent delaying of this hearing. Deceptive practices in elections have affected thousands of voters and if the perpetrators of these crimes continue to go without punishment, their actions will have a lasting impact on one of the most basic rights in the country.”

The Council has said the hearing was delayed because the federal legislation is still in development. But who can miss a chance at a Hillary vs. Barack story?

Perkins letter is here and here. A letter from the Council explaining the delay is here.

Perkins Expresses “Concern” Over Delay of Obama Bill