A very cool commercial that won’t air in the U.S.

As longtime VSL subscribers may remember, we flipped for the last two commercials for Sony Bravia TVs (look here and here). And we’re happy to report that the latest one, “Play-Doh,” is every bit as good.

The Bravia spots seem to have hit upon a winning formula: Colorful objects awaken otherwise drab urban landscapes. Directed by Frank Budgen and shot in stop-motion animation, the new, minute-and-a-half ad features hundreds of colorful plasticine bunnies that appear to be taking over New York City — squeezing out from manholes, drainpipes, and garbage cans — all set to the Rolling Stones song “She’s a Rainbow.”

Okay, so after watching “Play-Doh” you probably won’t rush out to get a Bravia TV, but you might step cautiously next time you’re crossing the street.

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