Quinn on Comptroller Powers, Term Limits

Christine Quinn laid out some mayor-like proposals for managing the city’s finances at a midtown breakfast this morning hosted by the Association for a Better New York, a private business group formed in response to the 1975 fiscal crisis. (Liz has a thorough write up of the event here.)

Quinn made some interesting proposals, most notably one to give more power to the city comptroller to review short-term borrowing. That function is currently carried out by the city Financial Control Board, a state entity, meaning that the shift would require approval from Albany.

But the big topic during a question-and-answer scrum afterwards with reporters seemed to be term limits, which are set end the tenures of 37 current members of the Council in 2009.

Quinn said, “We haven’t taken a final decision yet on what we’re doing on term limits, that we, obviously, myself and my colleagues, have to come to a final decision soon because people need to make decisions about what they’re doing [in] 2008 and 2009. And we’ll be making a final decision in the near future.”

She added, “We haven’t been having regular conversations about it. It’s not a regular topic that’s on our agenda.”

Quinn on Comptroller Powers, Term Limits