Recchia Denies Helping G.O.P., Says He Can Beat Fossella

I just asked Democratic City Councilman Domenic Recchia about the story that he leaked information about a Democrat challenging Republican congressman Vito Fossella.

The first reaction of Recchia, who is now is the planning stages of his own run against Fossella, was a long, hearty laugh.

“I was not involved with the Barbaro campaign,” he said, referring to Frank Barbaro, the Democrat who narrowly lost to Fossella in 2004. “I had no idea what was going on in the Barbaro campaign. I was not involved whatsoever. I had no information.”

Recchia says the story was put out there in order to undermine him, because “the Republicans and Vito Fossella are afraid of Domenic Recchia because the internal research is showing Domenic Recchia is going to win. And this is their way to send a message to me not to run.”

About his possible Democratic opponent Steve Harrison, who ran against Fossella last year and is raising money to run again next year,

Recchia said, “Steve is a nice guy. He ran a good campaign on the surroundings he had. He should have been out there last year raising money.”

What about facing Harrison in a primary?

“Whatever happens, happens.”

Recchia Denies Helping G.O.P., Says He Can Beat Fossella