Robert Johnson on Not Kissing Ring of City Bar Association

Last week, remarkably, the City Bar Association declared that incumbent District Attorney Robert Johnson was “not approved” to hold office.

This may simply be a procedural spat: this year, as before his unopposed election four years ago, when the same thing happened, Johnson declined to meet with the group to seek its approval.

Here’s part of his reponse to the “not approved” rating:

“Your request for me to appear before your committee would have accomplished nothing, while taking away from the operation of my office, communicating with the citizens of the Bronx, and spending quality time with my family.”

Johnson goes on to reference an earlier correspondence with the head of the Bar Association, which, Johnson says, “confirms my belief that what the Association is actually seeking to have candidates ‘kiss its (proverbial) ring.’ I, for one, will never do that.”

Approved or not approved, it doesn’t matter. Johnson is unopposed for re-election and he has $32,168.24 in the bank, just in case.