Rudy on the “Hillary Bond”

The Giuliani campaign just sent over a transcript of Rudy’s speech to an Americans For Prosperity Foundation’s summit in Washington, D.C. in which he shows no intention of backing off his attacks on Hillary Clinton.

From the transcript:

Giuliani: Democrats illustrate one of President Ronald Reagan’s favorite quotations. Public funds seemingly belong to no one and the temptation to bestow them on someone is irresistible.


That’s a temptation that Democrats just can’t seem to avoid. Let me give you one very recent example.

Hillary Clinton, the other day, proposed giving every single baby born in the United States…


… a Hillary bond…


… worth $5,000 each. Now, I know this never occurs to the people like Hillary and the other Democrats here in Washington, but you know something? I got news for you: This costs money.


Doesn’t just come — doesn’t come from the trees. Doesn’t come down from Heaven. It costs money.

And when I hear a proposal like that, unlike the Democrats who make it — who, by the way, in the case of the three leading Democrats, have never run a city, they’ve never run a state, I don’t think they’ve ever run a business. They want you to give them on-the- job executive training in the executive office of the United States as president.


GIULIANI: Not a good idea. Not a good idea. What do you think?

AUDIENCE: No. GIULIANI: How about you never drove before and we’re going to give you this complex machine? You want somebody flying your airplane that has no hours of experience flying airplanes?



But this is why they make proposals like this.

When I hear that, the first moment I heard that — the first moment I heard Hillary wants to give away $5,000 bonds to every child born in the United States, do you know the first question I asked: How many children are born in the United States? Because I was going to multiply that by the $5,000.

Because I ran a city. I’ve run a business. I know how to make a payroll and I know how to reduce expenses.

Do you know how much money it is per year? $20 billion.


GIULIANI: Hillary, that’s real money.