Rudy’s New Iowa Radio Ad

In case you missed it, Rudy Giuliani is up with a new radio spot in Iowa emphasizing his commitment to tax cutting. The ad, called “Them,” targets Democrats as unrestrained tax-hikers who want “bigger government, socialized medicine, increasing government regulation, much higher taxes.”

He adds, “they want totake more of the people’s money”

By contrast, Rudy depicts himself as a revolutionary tax cutter who fought the liberal big-tax crowd in New York and won.

The script of the ad is after the jump. 




VOICE OVER: “Here’s Rudy Giuliani.”


MAYOR GIULIANI: “Democrats want to move in the direction of much bigger government, socialized medicine, increasing government regulation, much higher taxes.


“They are making the promise to raise taxes, the only thing I can tell you in addition to that is that they’ll raise taxes even more then they promised. They want to take more of the people’s money.


I want to give the people back more of their own money, because I know that’s going to create more jobs for us. Lower taxes – you are going to see your economy grow. Raise taxes and we are going to see ourselves in a very, very difficult situation, with fewer jobs and jobs fleeing America. When I was mayor of New York they gave me this group of recommendations to raise taxes and raise fees and I immediately threw it in the garbage can.


Instead I did just the opposite. I lowered taxes. I reduced the growth of government. I made government more accountable, and New York City boomed. A deficit to a surplus. From high unemployment to low unemployment. I have no question that I can the same thing for Washington that I did for New York City.”


VOICE OVER: Paid for by Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee Incorporated.  Visit”


MAYOR GIULIANI: “I’m Rudy Giuliani and I approve this message.”






Rudy’s New Iowa Radio Ad