Scandal! Bigwigs Not Nominated for ‘Residential Deal of the Year’

The only award sexier than the Scientific & Technical Oscars and more real estate-heavy than the “Ingenies” (if you don’t know what that means, watch John Koblin’s red-carpet coverage) is the Real Estate Board of New York’s Residential Deal of the Year trophy.

There are 33 deals to choose from for this year’s award, according to today’s press release from REBNY. Oddly, the heavy hitters are missing from the list of nominations! Where’s record-setter Paula? Where’s Rolls Royce Sharon? Where’s Ferrari Roger? Where’s omnipotent Dolly?

Here’s the answer: Brokers essentially have to nominate themselves, and of course monumental Manhattan agents are way too chic and unruffled to self-nominate.

Nevertheless, there are some big names here, especially Wendy Maitland (Madonna’s broker, don’t forget) and Armin Allen of the classy boutique Edward Lee Cave. Winners are announced later this month, and the full nominees are below.


Dean R. Feldman and Edith K. Meyer, Halstead

Anne Shalmoon, Halstead and Keith Vitali, C21-NY Metro

Alan Pfeifer, Halstead and Kim Robilotti, Janet Robilotti & Associates

Emily Fuller Kingston and Suzette Meshulam, Halstead

Linda VanderWoude, Halstead Brooklyn

Madeline Dale, Halstead

Barbara Evans-Butler, Stribling and Brian Manning, Brown Harris Stevens

Jeffery Brown and June Gottlieb, Warburg Realty Partnership, Ltd.

Binnie Robinson, The Developers Group

Dorothy Arnsten, Ileen Schoenfeld, and Lisa K. Lippman, Brown Harris Stevens

Jeannette Bernstein, Joy Kimmelman, and Randy Blackmon, Brown Harris Stevens

Kyle W. Blackmon, Brown Harris Stevens and Zeckendorf Marketing

Jim Brawders and Deb Kavaler, Corcoran Sunshine and Wendy Maitland, Brown Harris Stevens

Laura Gruber and Joan Gruen, Corcoran

Rose Ann Nielsen and Chris Benfante, Corcoran

Timothy Scott, Corcoran and Lynn Howard, Elliman

Tim Cass, Corcoran

Dorothy Greiner, Corcoran and Gordon Stanton, Brown Harris Stevens

Judith Drogin-Feldman, Corcoran, Marta B. Salonika, Halstead

David Dubin and Bill Kowalczuk, Corcoran

Atouossa Haskin and Yael Nazmiyal, Elliman

Corinne Pulitzer and Heide Mamouris, Elliman and C.B. Whyte, Stribling

Robin Hudis, Tristan H. Harper, Elliman and Beth Ferrante, Corcoran

Richard Balzano, Elliman and Lisa Martin, DJK Residential

David Rosenberger, Elliman

Clarie Ratusch, Elliman and Armin Allen and Eliz Savage, Edward Lee Cave

Samnatha Lally, Michelle Churchill, Elliman

Penny Pear, Elliman

Jane E. Goldberg, Elliman and Fritzi Kallop, Brown Harris Stevens

Diane Johnson, Scott Allison, and Abigal Agranat, Elliman

Scandal! Bigwigs Not Nominated for ‘Residential Deal of the Year’