Schneiderman’s Fund-Raiser, With Guest David Soares

Democratic state Senator Eric Schneiderman put a hand on the shoulder of the 14-year-old boy dating his daughter, and, in the mocking tone
of a concerned father with plenty of connections, told law enforcement officials at his fund-raiser to "take notice."

Among the people in the audience to witness the performance, delivered at Schneiderman's fund-raiser on Monday at Ron Feldman's Art Gallery on Mercer Street
, was David Soares.

Recently, Soares issued a report clearing Eliot Spitzer of any wrongdoing over the issue of his aides using state police to track Joe Bruno's
use of state aircraft. Republicans dismissed the report, saying it was one Democrat looking out for another. So wouldn’t Soares’ attendance at Schneiderman's fund-raiser provide them with more fodder for that argument?

Schneiderman told me last night that partisan considerations had little to do with it. "I was one of the few people who supported him as an insurgent," Schneiderman told me, referring to the fact that Soares ran against the Democratic Party to unseat an incumbent.

. Soares, he said, had stopped by briefly because he
was in town meeting with people to discuss reform of the Rockefeller Drug Laws, the major issue during Soares’ campaign.

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