That’s His Forte: ‘Sir Rocco’ To Join Manhattan Hotel Ruckus

The Post’s Braden Keil reports today that British hotel scion Rocco Forte is scouting locations for a new luxury lodge in Manhattan (though no specific sites are named).

The plan would add another 150 rooms to the city’s burgeoning hotel inventory, which is expected to include some 13,000 new and renovated units by 2010.

Sir Forte was once a hospitality industry titan, overseeing more than 800 hotels — including Manhattan’s Plaza Athenee — as well as some 1,000 restaurants worldwide. That is, until a hostile takeover in 1996 stripped him of everything. (Save for around 350 million quid.)

In recent years, the resurgent hotelier has been rebuilding his portfolio, with plans to open new locations in Prague, Sicily and Marrakech.