The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Thespians hunt for a city apartment for their duration on Broadway. [NY Times]

How will your block look when the lights go out? Many don’t think of the dangers of their new ‘hoods at night. [NY Times]

Washington Heights apartment is renovated to expose the river views. [NY Times]

Fixed-up Murray Hill Church is open to public. [NY Times]

A look at the Stuy-town of the Bronx: Parkchester. [NY Times]

Sure, they paid $6 million for the co-op, but wait until you see how expensive their couch was. [NY Times]

Investment bank and Conde Nast get in on bids for the railyards. [NY Times]

Staten Island’s North Shore comes into vogue. [NY Times]

How do you prove that you did renovations? (first item) [NY Post]

Even the rich have moldy ceilings. A co-op on the Upper East Side comes with a $4 million price tag and a leaky ceiling. [NY Daily]

Tiffany’s opens downtown on Wednesday. [NY Sun]

Federal appeals court to hear Atlantic Yards case. [NY Sun]

The (Big) Round-Up: Monday