The Day in Gossip: Affleck Flees Film! Spike Lee’s No Norma Rae!

afflecksox 0 The Day in Gossip: Affleck Flees Film! Spike Lees No Norma Rae!At IFC Center, Ben Affleck flees his own film screening to gawk at Sox. [Page Six]

Conditions on the set of Spike Lee’s new film about “New York’s sharp-edged hip-hop scene” are a tad too realistic for some. [Gatecrasher: 3rd Item]

More blotto troubles in Lohan-land: This time Lindsay’s uncle does DWI dance. [Page Six]

The guy who says Sean Combs punched him in the mouth late Friday night at the Kiosk Club doesn’t want him to go to jail. [Daily News]

Our own Simon Doonan gets taken in by Phillip Bloch’s method acting. [Page Six]

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