The Day in Gossip: S.A.T.C.’s Shooting Snafu! Anna Wintour Purses Lips!

Despite his fling with Linda Evangelista, billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault will still wed Salma Hayek. [Page Six]

Anna Wintour is less than impressed by Spain’s fashion-forward frocks. [Rush & Malloy: final item]

Josh Hartnett stammers over recent hot date with Rihanna. [Page Six]

Designer Valentino Garavani almost loses his Fashion Rocks Lifetime Achievement Award. [Page Six]

In his new book, Lance Bass dishes about Lou Pearlman, Britney Spears and his first “comely chorus boy.” [Gatecrasher: 1st item]

Big and Carrie’s wedding scene might have to be re-shot, but S.J.P. “‘shows up first and leaves last each night.”’ [Gatecrasher: 2nd item]

Widow of Charles Evans, Bonnie, plans to put their Park Avenue triplex on the market for $30 million. [Page Six]

Music-makers Tommy Lee and Cisco Adler have hot new model girlfriends. [Page Six]