The Day in Gossip: Lance Laps Ashley Olsen; Britney Spears Gets Dropped!

Fresh off ex-Tory Burch, super-cyclist Lance Armstrong has moved on to Ashley Olsen. [Page Six]

Diddy got very cozy with Danish model May Anderson on Monday night. [Gatecrasher: 2nd item]

Jive Records has finally dropped Britney Spears from the label. [Rush & Malloy: 1st item]

J.Lo’s newest film, Bordertown, will go straight to video; the flick was booed at the Berlin Film Festival. [Page Six]

At Denise Rich’s Angel Ball, Ivana Trump cracks a joke about Bazaar editor Glenda Bailey wearing Prada. [Page Six]

Are Owen Wilson and Jessica Simpson in love? [Gatecrasher: 1st item]

Brooklyn-born Barbara Streisand will come out of “retirement” to sing at three-day Planet Hollywood event in Vegas. [Page Six]

Michael Jackson spent an “undercover” day in Brooklyn, where he gushed about his kids. [Page Six]

The Jewish Theater of New York and The Times go head-to-head over play. [Page Six]

New York real estate bigwig Stephen Ross just picked up a new $32 million manse in Palm Beach. [Page Six]

Bill Maher’s ex, Karrine Steffans, is not very nice about her onetime paramour in next month’s Vibe. [Page Six]