The Day in Gossip: Sarah Jessica Parker Comes Up Short! Tom Cruise Gets Snappy!

On the set of S.A.T.C. at Café Carlyle, Sarah Jessica Parker guzzles nostalgia martinis and schools Jennifer Hudson on Bobby Short. [Page Six]

Fashion photog Steven Klein shutters over shooting Tom Cruise for W magazine. [Gatecrasher: 2nd Item]

The Times isn’t ready for its close-up, Mr. De Mille. [Page Six]

Ex-Rolling Stone staffers pop the cork on what really happened at the magazine’s San Francisco reunion last week. [Page Six]

CNN’s Anderson Cooper wonders—“with a straight face”—what’s new with Britney Spears. [Gatecrasher: 3rd Item]

Once committed to going to the mattresses for John McCain, now James Gandolfini’s support for the presidential nominee may swim with the fishes. [Page Six]