The Guggenheim Asks: Was Andy Warhol ‘A Boring Fuck’?

Last week, many friends and patrons of the Guggenheim Museum found lurking in their stacks of mail an uncovered postcard sent from the Upper East Side institution.

The card’s label side seems innocent enough. “THE WORST OF WARHOL: A ROUNDTABLE,” it reads, just above a list of speakers’ and moderators’ names and all the pertinent event information for an upcoming museum talk on Tuesday, October 23. Flipping it over, however, reveals a threatening message seemingly scrawled in ballpoint pen that is, to be sure, not for the kiddies (or Warhol fans) of the house.

It reads: “Andy Warhol was a boring fuck and so were all of his boring fuck head friends and stupid shit for brains fans and I’m glad he died.”

The message is actually the creative handiwork of artist Richard Prince; it’s called Untitled (joke). But printed here, in black ink on a white background, it looks like anything but.