The Morning Read: Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore won the Nobel Prize.

The SEC is conducting an informal review of the state pension and possible wrongdoing by Alan Hevesi.

A local paper looks at the probes facing Hevesi and his children.

Clyde Haberman wants presidential candidates to talk about city issues.

At a photo exhibit of September 11th, there are five photos of Hillary Clinton but only three of Rudy Giuliani.

Eliot Spitzer encouraged Democrats in the state Senate to sic the IRS on Joe Bruno.

The letter from Democrats about the IRS may have gotten into Republican hands after being sent to Carl Kruger, a Democrat allied with Bruno, reports the New York Sun.

A review of Michael Bloomberg’s schedule shows that he met with top G.O.P. officials before leaving the party, threw a good-bye party for George Pataki and appeared in a videotape for a friend of Guy Molinari.

Bloomberg also eats regularly at an East Side diner.

Georgina Bloomberg gets profiled, but says she “can’t talk about the boyfriend thing.”

In a speech last night in Manhattan, Randi Weingarten came out.

The City Council may stop members from buying ads with taxpayer dollars.

Larry Seabrook got fined for, among other things, using city matching funds to buy furniture the day before he was re-elected to the City Council.

Bernie Kerik may face more charges.

A 6-year-old in Brooklyn was fined $300 for drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.

And Charles Krauthammer says he’ll never vote for Hillary Clinton but “could live with her – precisely because she is so liberated from principle.”

The Morning Read: Friday, October 12, 2007