The Round-Up: Tuesday

Brangelina settles down in the Waldorf Towers. [NY Post]

Lower East Side residents want to go for a swim: Rally to encourage city to fund renovation of the La Guardia Bathhouse. [NY Post]

Vacancies start to pile up on Madison Avenue. [NY Post]

City will have an additional 65 million square feet in office space when all planned towers are built. [NY Post]

Developer of Williamsburgh Savings Bank has paid double what he intended, and the clock tower still doesn’t tell time. [NY Daily News]

Housing Tour of Bed-Stuy encourages young African Americans to “come home” to the neighborhood. [NY Daily News]

Community residents fight to limit building heights on Bowery. [NY Sun]

LeFrak gets classy with upscale real estate. (second item) [NY Times]

The Round-Up: Tuesday