The Spring in Darren Dopps Step

Darren Dopp’s lawyer won’t say what his client said during nine hours of testimony in front of the Commission on Public Integrity, but whatever it was, he says it left Dopp in a great mood.

“The testimony that was given yesterday was given in confidence and I don’t think I can discuss it in any particular way,” said lawyer Terrence Kindlon. But: “As Darren and I were walking down Washington Avenue to the parking garage there was a definite spring in his step that could not be denied.”

Kindlon said the door, technically, is still open for Dopp to be called back.

“Nobody indicated that to me, but it that possibility wasn’t foreclosed either,” he said. “You know, we ended so late last night that the automatic system in the building turned the lights off on us so we were all sitting there in the complete dark at one point.”

I asked, somewhat jokingly, whether that might be a metaphor for how the investigation is going.

“I was going to say I think it is a metaphor, but we had to go out and find someone that knew how to work the building computer to turn the lights back on again.”

The Spring in Darren Dopps Step