Thursday, October 25th

HILLARY PUTS HER LIPS together and blows out 60 candles on her birthday cake tonight at the Beacon Theater, having focus-grouped that 60 is the exact right age to be for a presidential candidate. (Just kidding, Hillary—please don’t send your mooks to go through our cellphone records!) At tonight’s bash, Elvis Costello sings (Elvis, say it ain’t so!), Billy Crystal emcees and the local Dem poobahs—Jon Corzine, Charlie Rangel, Charles Schumer and Eliot Spitzer—sing the birthday song through gritted teeth. Yeehaw! We hear a certain hot ex-pres will also show his face, surely before nipping out to find someone … err, something … tasty at the Spotted Pig. Later, enough with the celebrity wannabes, let’s get some of the real thing: Bono! Boing! The Black Ball 2007 benefits AIDS charity Keep a Child Alive and is headlined by Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani, who have no doubt combined to siphon some celebrity fuel from the Clinton party (i.e., all those who aren’t physically frightened of saying no to the ultimate power couple). Amy Sacco, Padma Lakshmi, and Iman will be in attendance, helping to honor Bono. We hear Ms. Sacco will “re-create Bungalow 8” in the Hammerstein Ballroom for the after-party. Well won’t that be delirious! Why didn’t she think of this sooner—Bungalow 8 to go! Given that Bono and Bill Clinton have been known to make a night of it in our fair town, don’t be surprised, ladies, if you wake up with one, or both, of them tomorrow morning! Kippers and Pancake House! Later, West Village Queen Bee Julianne Moore signs copies of her new book, Freckleface Strawberry, a heartbreaking autobiography thinly disguised as a children’s tale, “about a little girl who is different, just like everybody else.” And fashion’s elite—Andre Leon Talley, Jean-Paul Gaultier—are among the Fashion Group’s “Rule Breakers” as our own inimitable and exceedingly handsome Simon Doonan emcees, and ageless New York derma-celebrity, Dr. Pat Wexler, is among those honored. “I was using Botulinum Toxin 17 years ago, and I was doing liposuction and fat injections twenty-one years ago,” said the good doctor. “So I guess in that respect—I hate the word pioneer, but I try to be progressive in thinking outside the box in how we approach aesthetics and aging. In a non-scalpel way.” We’re also told these particular awards have the best goody-bag in town; Martin Scorsese’s assistants once absconded with five! Finally—we’re having a Thursday scheduling crisis here, when will Friday be back in?—Lucky Shops, that weekend event that allows New York women to take a break from whatever it is they usually do and, well, shop (wait, we’re confused…), fêtes Jessica Seinfeld’s Baby Buggy charity. (Afterward, Jessica, can we have a break from you?) We asked Lucky editor-in-chief Kim France for her take on fall fashion this global-warming October: “I think everyone is pulling everything off quite well this year,” she said. “Even high-waisted jeans, which I’ve been dreading and fearing.” You’re not alone, sweet cheeks!

[60th Birthday Bash: A Celebration in Support of America’s Next President, the Beacon Theater, 2124 Broadway, 7 p.m., (212) 213-3717; Julianne Moore at Barnes & Noble, 267 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, 3:30 p.m., 718-832-9066; The Rule-Breakers, Cipriani, 110 East 42nd Street, 6:30 p.m., 212-302-5511; Lucky Shops Opening Night, Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, 6 p.m.,]