Tom Duane to Joe Bruno: See a Shrink

After hearing that Republican Majority Leader Joe Bruno’s conference subpoenaed Eliot Spitzer’s top aides, Rich Baum and Darren Dopp, State Senator Tom Duane offered the following piece of advice: go see a shrink.

In a telephone conversation just now, Duane told me, “I think Senator Bruno’s feelings were hurt. I can understand that. But to drag the legislature through his hurt is, I think, unfortunate. At this point, I would suggest seeing a mental health professional, since we passed Timothy’s Law. He’s eligible.”

Duane added, “I feel bad for him. I do. But enough of the public sympathy. Time to move on. People have done means things to me and I just decided to let go after a while.”

The subpoena for Baum was for records, while the one for Dopp was for him to testify in front of the investigations committee. But that’s not such a big deal, said Duane.

“I don’t think there is a penalty for not showing up. Somebody told me there is a $50 fine for not showing up.”

Tom Duane to Joe Bruno: See a Shrink