Trick or Treat! Halloween Costumes of the Rich and Semi-Famous

For your Halloween pleasure, we offer socialites in ridiculous outfits, via Park Avenue Peerage. Allison Sarofim’s famed annual Halloween party last weekend brought droves of familiar names to her West Village townhouse. The hostess, who strutted her stuff around her velvet-draped first-floor in a peacock costume, was joined by guests like Fabiola Beracasa (dressed as autumn), Alexis Bryan (a bumblebee) and Jennifer Creel (an angel). Apparently not one to pinch pennies when it comes to entertaining, Ms. Sarofim had actress Ayesha Adamo welcome guests dressed as an elaborate, crystal-laden chandelier.

Pictures of a few of the costumed partygoers can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Samhain [Park Ave. Peerage]