Weiner: ‘Legitimate Problems’ with Spitzer’s Driver’s License Plan

Another 2009 mayoral hopeful has weighed in on Eliot Spitzer’s plan to allow illegal immigrants to obtain a New York State driver’s licenses.

Here’s a statement the office of Representative Anthony Weiner just sent over to me:


“Governor Spitzer is right to try and solve the problem of thousands of drivers without documentation or insurance. While the opposition to the plan has often been hyperbolic and unnecessarily divisive, there are legitimate problems that the Governor’s plan presents. I’m going to work on the immigration subcommittee in Congress to solve them.”

That’s the strongest criticism so far from any of the potential 2009 Democratic mayoral candidates. To recap: Christine Quinn’s spokesman said she’s for it. Bill Thompson’s spokesman said he’s supportive of it. And Adolfo Carrion, after some clarification, said he supports it too.