With Endorsements Like These…

Ed Koch has made it official. He’s endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. He’s also endorsing Barack Obama for vice president, sort of.

Here’s how he begins a column he emailed to readers just now:

I’m backing Hillary Clinton for President.

I predict the Democratic ticket will ultimately be headed by Hillary, with Barack Obama as her vice presidential nominee. Some political commentators say that America is not ready to elect a ticket headed by a woman with a black running mate. Many say that one or the other would be acceptable, but not both.

I disagree.

But Koch quickly goes on to take issue, strongly, with Obama’s explanation for wearing an American flag pin for only a brief period of time immediately after 9/11.

“He mentioned as his excuse the country’s deplorable failure to provide all the medical care veterans need. In fact, that issue didn’t arise until years later. He has made the key to his platform that he was against the war with Iraq. But following 9/11, we went to war with the Taliban in Afghanistan, a regime harboring al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda publicly took credit for the World Trade Center terrorist act which resulted in more than 3,000 deaths of innocent civilians in New York City, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. The war in Iraq came in 2003, so what we are hearing from Obama is a confused statement mixing up the two wars. Does he now believe the United States response of waging war in Afghanistan after 9/11 was wrong? Does he believe the U.S. flag now belongs only to supporters of the war against Iraq, which war he opposed?”
With Endorsements Like These…