Yankee Johnny Damon Can Console Self With Sale of Condo for $8 M.

On June 27, Joe Torre said that suffering through the Yankees’ losing streak felt like falling off a cliff. That day, The New York Times called the team’s summer slump “depths never experienced in Torre’s 12 years as manager.”

But Johnny Damon, fresh from visits to his Orlando chiropractor and dentist, was rejuvenated. On the 28th, he signed an $8 million contract to sell his 2,410-square-foot, three-bedroom apartment on the 39th floor of One Beacon Court, the glittery 58th Street condo where Yank slugger Bobby Abreu and Beyoncé have apartments.

According to records just filed with the city, he closed exactly three months later, the day that the Yankees lost the American League East Division for the first time in 10 years. (They got the wild card, which didn’t take them very far.)

His buyer, listed anonymously as a limited liability corporation, took out a $4 million mortgage. Despite Mr. Damon’s $52 million contract, city records show that he took out a mortgage also, for $3 million, when he bought the place last year.

According to a Wall Street Journal article written when the One Beacon apartment went to market this summer, Mr. Damon now has the hassle of hunting for a “house with a pool” in the suburbs. He’s leaving behind a 21-foot-long living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, in between a 27.5-foot gallery and a 14.5-foot dining room, according to the listing with Adam Modlin, president of the Modlin Group. The broker, who also has worked for Alex Rodriguez, would not comment.

Mr. Damon’s kitchen also comes with a little “breakfast area,” maybe stocked with the Wheaties boxes featuring Mr. Damon’s classic Red Sox squad.

The gossip Web site Big Time Listings reported on the sale Tuesday, pointing out that the lawyer for this deal happens to have represented one of Mr. Damon’s neighbors, Francisco D’Agostino.

Yankee Johnny Damon Can Console Self With Sale of Condo for $8 M.