Yankees Ban ESPN from Conference Calls

The Yankees have banned ESPN from future conference calls with managerial candidates, Newsday reports. Yankees PR boss Jason Zillo took the action after ESPN aired a conference call live last week (when officials announced Joe Torre wasn’t returning) even after the Yankees had requested that networks broadcast the call only in recorded form.

The consequence? No future access for ESPN to managerial candidates Don Mattingly, Joe Girardi and Tony Pena, all of whom are being made available by the Yankees in an unusual move. (Said Zillo: “Instead of them chasing down Joe Girardi or Don Mattingly or Tony Pena at IHOP trying to get a quote from them, we’re trying to do this in some type of organized fashion.”)

Zillo on the ban: “I want to resolve this but they’ve backed me into a corner where I don’t have many options if they think they’re bigger than the organization they’re covering.”