Yankees Save Their Skins With Victory Over Indians

yankeeswin Yankees Save Their Skins With Victory Over IndiansThe Yankees saved their skins—and by some accounts, their manager Joe Torre—when they rallied past a two-run deficit and Roger Clemens’ injured hamstring to beat the Cleveland Indians last night at Yankee Stadium 8 to 4.

Johnny Damon, who put the Yankees to sleep three Octobers ago with a grand slam as a Red Sox leadoff hitter, woke up the masses with a three-run homer that shook the Stadium and escorted the Yankees to an emotionally charged 8-4 victory in Game 3 that was witnessed by 56,358 delirious fans.

Asked on the way to his car if Torre saved his job with the victory, Steinbrenner answered, “What?"

“There is a lot on the line," said Damon, who finished 3-for-4 with four RBIs. “We are playing for our manager that we love."