111 Central Park North Sets the Date

We just got an email invite to the “World Premiere Party” for 111 Central Park North, the luxury condo going up on what you know better as 110th Street. It’s on Nov. 15, by invite only, and hosted by developer the Athena Group.

In an era of condo-as-neigbhorhood-changer, 111 Central Park North represents the pinnacle, though it may be a while before we know for sure. Not only does it have to change in New Yorkers’ collective mind the name of 110th to Central Park North, it has to convince people to pay luxury rates to live in an area that’s, as they say (for better or worse), still emerging. Along 110th above the park, the condo juts out like a very sore thumb.

It’s a gutsy gamble and, if it works, no area of the city may again be off-limits to luxury development. Every market-rate home developer hence will be able to toss off the line, “Well, Athena made it work with 111 Central Park North.”

The Observer donned a hardhat in June and took some snapshots of the views from the still-under-construction condo.